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Find new investment opportunities in the area with the help of our licensed realtors. We have the right data, experience, and connections to present lucrative opportunities.

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The man on every $100 bill said it best, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin.

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Why Choose Manitowoc Property Management?

  • We connect buyers and sellers.

  • We prioritize our clients and offer them the best pricing.

  • We’re local, so we know the market for both rentals and properties for sale.

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Investor Testimonials


"I started my relationship with Manitowoc Property Management, close to two years ago. Specifically, with the Principal Mr. Richard Robinson Sr.
Since that time, what started as a business transaction, has grown to a full blow partnership. A partnership in the sense, that they offer more than what the contract with them calls for. Those add-ons are: a value add in the form of advise, world class customer service, client centered and data driven decision making, cost effective contractor management and high level communication through accurate reporting and sense making, of all things real estate.
So in those two years, what was a "let's buy a property as investors", has grown to now soon to be five. Their offering has also expanded to full service real estate brokers/listing agent/buyer & seller agents. Their family based outfit, has also grown to accommodate a successful business model.
I have gone as far as introducing my children to the second generation of the family, now fully involved in the business to carry the legacy.
My family, my business partners and I wish them great and continued success and to continue being the leader in property management in Manitowoc County."

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